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The Ural

We will be very glad to show you the Ural. The Ural is one of the most beautiful side of Russia.


The Ural Mountains (also known as the Urals, the Riphean Mountains in Greco-Roman antiquity, and known as the Stone Belt) are a mountain range that runs roughly north and south through western Russia, 2,500 km. They are usually considered as the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. Its highest peak is Mount Narodnaya (1,895 m).


The Urals are among the world's oldest extant mountain ranges. For its age of 250 to 300 million years, the elevation of the mountains is unusually high. The Urals have large deposits of gold, platinum, coal, iron, nickel, silver, oil,and other minerals.

The Ural  is amazingly beautiful and unique natural park. The nature Ural Mountains is various clear lakes, long picturesque rives: high mountains, picturesque fields and unique woods. The pine, the  fur-tree, the birch, the aspen grow in our woods. From June till August in woods there are tasty mushrooms - aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, honey agarics; and berries: the  wild strawberry, the cowberry, the bilberry. You have a unique possibility to collect together with millions Russian people mushrooms and berries.

There are lot of natural and historic sights, including more than 100 caves and grottos of different shapes. On high rocks of some rives you can meet enigmatic drawings of primitive people.

Ilme nskiy State Mineral Reserve was organized on May 14, 1920. Since 1935 it became a complex reserve for preservation of mineral resources, flora and fauna. It is located on the east slopes of South Ural. Ilmenski mountain range is in the neighborhood of Miass city. The Urals are called a depository of treasures of the soil and Ilmeny is the most precious casket of it. In the whole world you could hardly find such an abundance of various minerals which includes almost all  existent chemical elements. The natural landscape and wild life of this country  is really unique in its beauty. There are more than 30 lakes which are wonderful places for rest.

We will be glad to tell to you more about this wonderful corner of Russia during our fascinating excursions.









The border between
Europe andAsia

 Ganina yama




 Kungur ice cave

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